The Mandela Effect (Collective false Memories) - 10 Lies We All Believe


The Mandela effect is a term coined by Fiona Broome in reference to a collective false memory of Nelson Mandela dying in prison in the 80's when he, in fact, died in 2013 at home surrounded by his family. It is a phenomenon that occurs when a group of people all share in a memory that did not actually happen. The term Mandela Effect is now used for all instances of collective false memory and the internet is losing its shit over it.

1. The Monopoly Man Does NOT Have a Monocle

Hard to believe right? A game that has been sold in 114 different countries and published in 47 different languages, yet we cannot help but imagine this universally recognized icon without a monocle... of which it never had. 

2. Berenstein vs Berenstain Bears


Yet another staple of our childhood that we cannot recall correctly. It seems many people remember them as the Berenstain Bears with an 'E' and not 'A'. Perhaps it is not our recollection that is wrong, but our timelines are diverging from parallel universes.

3. Queen's "We Are the Champions" Ends in Silence

It just fucking ends. There is no "of the world"... just a fat load of nothin'. What if Leonardo DiCaprio stepped out onto the bow of the Titanic, geared up to scream at the top of his lungs, then swallowed a fly, and walked back to his room discouraged. That is how it feels at the end of that song. Especially, when you are road tripping and you scream "of the world" over silence...

4. Sinbad's movie Shazaam Never Happened


It is one thing to collectively get details wrong, but to imagine an entire movie is beyond abnormal. Many people recall a film that featured the comic Sinbad as a Genie in a movie called "Shazaam". Perhaps the powers at be decided there was not enough room in the universe for such a movie to exist.

5. Goodbye Clarice


Anthony Hopkins made quite an impression in Silence of the Lambs as Hannibal Lecter. We can all imagine him looking through the bars as Jodie Foster approaches his cell and is met with an unsettling "Hello Clarice." Well, apparently our brains are stupid because it never happened.

6. Double "Stuf" Oreo


Perhaps our brains are auto-correcting the incorrect spelling, but they are Double "Stuf" Oreos. Not Double Stuff or Double Stuffed... It is Double Stuf and we wish it would hop back into its alternate universe and learn proper English.

7. "Beam me up, scotty" - Said no one ever

Who said "beam me up Scotty" you ask? No one... No one said that. I have listened to many-a Star Trek trivia battle but rarely do I hear someone point out that one of the most recognizable quotes is a farce.

8. Loop in the Ford logo

They are the oldest automotive company in the United states. No matter how many times we have looked at the damn thing in fits of road rage, we cannot seem to remember that there is a loop on the 'F'.

9. Houston... Problem

Jack Swigert made this line famous after the failed Apollo 13 mission and was perpetuated by shitty condescending teenagers for years and probably years to come. However, the line is "Houston, we've had a problem" not "Houston, we have a problem."

10. Hot air Balloon Joyride

Perhaps the strangest Mandela Effect of all is that many people share in the memory of riding in a hot air balloon when they were children, to find out later in life that it had never happened.

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