Episode 61: Wendigo

Born from Algonquin folklore, the Wendigo is a terrifying legendary creature with an insatiable hunger for human flesh. But don't let it get to you, because thinking of the Wendigo may give you the same desire. This week on Pseudophiles, we talk about the Wendigo and those who were reportedly affected by it. Also we can't help talking about Supernatural... 

Episode 57: Mysterious Disappearances

This week on Pseudophiles we are joined by the hilarious and brilliant Maria of the Misfit Book Club Podcast who shares with us the crazy and roller coaster of a human being that was (maybe still is?) Ambrose Bierce. We also delve into the story of the vanishing lighthouse keepers, the lost Sodder children, a few people that went missing for decades that eventually find their way home, and a lot of ridiculous conversation in between.