Episode 43: Grigori Rasputin

Inspiring myth, legend, and a Disney movie, Grigori Rasputin was, and is today, an anomaly. Having the eyes of lunatic, the beard of a wizard, and the attire of a peasant, Rasputin used his religious affiliation, mysticism, and above all else, his charm to befriend nearly every man and swoon the panties off nearly every woman. The latter would ultimately get him in trouble and lead to a nearly failed assassination attempt involving cyanide, stab wounds, multiple gunshots, and drowning. This week we are joined by expert Amber Black to talk about the history of Rasputin and the mysteries that surround his life.

Episode 41: Chemtrails

We have all seen them, the contrails in the sky left behind by airplanes. Most people would explain them to be vapor trails emitted from the engines, but others would rather you wake the hell up because not everything is as it seems. They would suggest that these trails are riddled with chemicals used for nefarious (somewhat ambiguous) purposes. This week Torrance, Sidney, and Ben discuss what some of these purposes are and whether this conspiracy is rooted in truth or baseless.

Episode 40: Shadow People

Shadow people are depicted across many cultures. Hovering right around your periphery may be some dark figures that are ever watching yet rarely scene. They are usually harmless unless sporting a hat but stories of their sighting abound. Take trip with us as we are joined by the lovely Allie Simpson to explore our worst nightmares and tales of Shadow People.

Episode 39: Aleister Crowley and The Loch Ness Monster

Aleister Crowley was known for being an occult leader, a poet, novelist, mountaineer, painter, and alleged recruit of a British intelligence agency. However, a little known theory about Crowley is that he may have been responsible for summoning The Loch Ness Monster from his home on the shore of the loch. In this episode we are joined by Siloam Springs' own local business owner Joe Gibbens of Ash and Ember to go deeper into this theory and talk about the crazy intricate life of Aleister Crowley.

Episode 38: Project MKUltra

MKUltra... The project that validates almost every government conspiracy and makes them seem a little less insane. This project shows how capable the government is at keeping secrets from you and may make you wonder what they are hiding from you today. Join Torrance, Ben, and Sidney as they dig into what experiments took place as part of MKUltra and speculate on how it could still be affecting us today.