Episode 41: Chemtrails

We have all seen them, the contrails in the sky left behind by airplanes. Most people would explain them to be vapor trails emitted from the engines, but others would rather you wake the hell up because not everything is as it seems. They would suggest that these trails are riddled with chemicals used for nefarious (somewhat ambiguous) purposes. This week Torrance, Sidney, and Ben discuss what some of these purposes are and whether this conspiracy is rooted in truth or baseless.

Episode 17: The Philadelphia Experiment

A destroyer escort vanishes off the coast of Philadelphia, appears leagues away near a port in Norfolk, VA, then reappears back in Philadelphia in a matter of seconds. Upon materializing out of thin air, a horrific scene is seen all across the ship. Crewman are thriving in pain as their limbs are now molecularly fused to the steel of the ship. Was this a Naval experiment gone horribly wrong, or was it a lie told by an elusive man with a love for UFOs, science fiction, and telling tall tales.