Episode 36: Hollow Earth Theory

Who knows what mysteries lie beneath our own feet? There could be undiscovered animals, plant life, and even entire civilizations below the earth's crust, if only someone adventurous enough could explore and discover for the rest of us! Join Ben, Sidney, and Torrance as they discuss the hollow earth theory.

Episode 29: Hypnosis

We know that the power of suggestion can be very persuasive. But how persuasive? Could it convince you to be more motivated, quit smoking, or bark like a dog? In this episode we are exploring the history and methods in which people can be hypnotized and try to find a conclusion as to whether it is effective or a parlor trick.

Episode 26: Homeopathy and Faith Healing

This week Torrance, Ben, and Sidney take another look at a couple different forms of alternative medical treatments. On one hand you have the televangelist who makes a spectacle of laying on hands in the name of God while asking everyone for donations. On the other you have the unregulated homeopathic expert who essentially gives you sugar pills to heal you of your ailments. Is there any merit to either of these approaches? Find out this week on Pseudophiles.