Episode 52: Moon

Wheeeen the moon hits your eye like a big pizza pie, that's amoreee. And it's also time to discuss just what exactly is that big celestial body doing up there. Sure, it may seem pretty 3rd grade science, but have you considered that it might also be a hollowed interstellar ship housing a secret cabal of lizard people controlling our world? Or that it's not even real? Join the gang as they talk about the moon.

Episode 50: Ghost Lore

Ghosts, spirits, phantoms, whatever your preferred term is for the ethereal beings that lurk around after death, these entities seem to be embedded in the lore of every town and person. This week we explore some of these stories and share some of our own. So join us as we talk about local hauntings, creepy videos from the early days of YouTube, get distracted by how creepy Scrappy Doo is, and much more. 

Episode 49: Curse of the Pharoah

Following the first entry into King Tuts tomb 11 people involved died in freakish ways. This week on Pseudophiles, Torrance, Ben, and Sidney talk about whether these deaths were due to a curse or purely coincidental. They also explore ways to which they would like to curse others if their tomb was busted into by unwanted explorers.